Preparing to bring home your new puppy. 

   It is such an exciting moment! 

   Your new puppy will require a lot of love and attention as they transition into their new home. Before your puppy arrives there are a few arrangement and decisions to be made. While awaiting the big day, you'll need to puppy proof your home. You will aslo need to find the right supplies

   You will need a crate and/ or bed for your new puppy to stay in. Food and water bowels a must have. Healthy and complete large breed puppy food is important. Your vet can help you decide on the right food. A collar, tag and leash for taking them on walks. A car restraint is important for their safty if you will be traveling often. Decide where your puppy will be sleeping. Crate training is a great method. It helps with potty training and provides them a safe quiet place to rest. Choose their eating place. If there are certain places in the house you do not want them in, then baby gates can help set boundries. Check your home for any poisonous plants, cleaning products, cables or other things they may chew on and should't. 

   Putting them on a routine and early training  can create a well behaved dog. Sign them up for puppy classes. As soon as they finish their vaccinations socialize them to new places, people and situations. 

   Find a veterinarian, trainer and groomer in advance that are experienced with giant breeds. 

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