Augustus is going to be a big boy. Absolutly gorgeous!  High drive, extremly inteligent and loyal.  He is currently doing protection training and is excelling!



    Trevor Garmey says (Dec 1, 2021):

    My fiance, Julia and me adopted Augustus from Michelle in May of 2021. We could not be happier. Augustus is a powerful, athletic, and very large (roughly 80 lbs at 8 months) giant schnauzer with an excellent temper. He is highly intelligent, and very affectionate. We are absolutely in love with him and love having him with us. As Michelle noted, we have been working to develop him for personal protection with the help of a skilled and experienced trainer, and his aptitude for the work is extremely high. And because we did not crop his ears, he is not an overly intimidating physical presence (yet) and receives compliments from strangers nearly every day. Augustus has demonstrated excellent obedience results with a balanced training regimen, and we could not be happier. I strongly recommend you contact Michelle if you are looking for a well-bred giant schanutzer from a working pedigree. She has also been a wonderful resource for us as we raise our first giant!

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