Jeb was the biggest one in the litter. He is very social and laid back. He loves to go to work with his dad and keep an eye on the work site and the workers  



    Stewart Maclin says (Jan 16, 2022):

    I'm thankfull that I found EGA. Michelle is a fantastic down to earth person. From day one when I enquired about getting a puppy even until now 10 months after she hasnt't hesitated to answer any questions or concerns that might arise. She has a keen ability to sense the potential buyers needs and knows her pups in order to ensure as perfect a match as possible. JEB is energetic, but knows his place when in public. I'm a contractor & he is with me 24/7. He loves other dogs & people unless of course he senses harm. JEB is layed back, but when time comes to play then boom, game on. I couldn't be more pleased....

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