Layla is a beautiful, very active high drive girl.   Extremly smart and energetic  



    Steve C from NJ says (Dec 19, 2021):

    Where do I start. As a potential buyer you’ll never read this and understand the gratitude I have to Keith and Michelle. You scour the internet hoping to find NOT a “puppy mill” and as I went from AKC breeder to breeder I was found with rude, entitled and negative people. And Then I met Michelle. Think Forrest Gumps mom meets Cesar the trainer but 50x better. You have made it here and that means you’re already half way there!!!! Michelle is a moms mom, who is tough and precise and that’s what these dogs need. “This ain’t your neighbors yorkie” this is a dog that teaches me patience, knows my emotions, has more energy then I could imagine ever I mean she averages 35 -50,000 steps a day in my back yard on any given day. It takes a special human to raise these dogs. The process: an hour long phone interview before I got my contract. Smart move lots of terrible people or people that just aren’t ready for this kind of undertaking and it’s work! A fair deposit ajd a normal contract is completed and balance at arrival is easy! This dog came with a puppy cut, everything she needed to get on the airplane in her little carrier she used once and outgrew Haha and she already knew a KEY COMMAND “leave it” let me tell you we use this ALL the time haha. This dog is now a service dog and as we traveled today 50 people stopped and were in awe and complimented and loved Layla in Huntsville and Charlotte airport. The vet said she’s “perfect” and he’s worked on schnauzers for decades and the truth is I got so much more then I paid for. Michelle, you already know we love you and your family for all the help and guidance you’ve given us, we can’t wait for you to come visit us in NJ this summer! Thank you for giving us one of the best members of our family. If you’re on the fence about buying - stop- you’ll never find another michelle and being a city guy all my life I’m suspecting of everyone. Michelle will disarm you and you’ll be like me - wondering how lucky you got! I didn’t get a breeder I got a dog mom and I’ll buy as many dogs over the years as I can afford and withstand haha. If you’d like to talk to me - ask michelle for Steve’s number and I’ll happily tell you why this breed and why elegant guardian angles. Merry Christmas Michelle and Keith!

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