Services One

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are available by email or phone.We want you to have a great experience from picking out your puppy, to watching him/her grow and to seeing the dog grow with you and your family.  We want you to feel free to call or text any time before and  after you bring your puppy home.  I am happy to help with any training needs, grooming , questions about feeding etc. We want you and your dog to excell!  We love seeing pics and want to be of help in anyway we can. We have lots of experience with this breed and with training.   We want you to be happy with our dogs and to provide the best fit for you. We are here for you before and after you bring one of our wonderful dogs into your home. 

Services Two

PICKING YOUR PUPPY   7-8 weeks of age we help you pick your puppy based on drive, personality, and what purpose you want the dog for. We test for dominance/submisivness, self confidence, shyness , drive,   quik learner, socialness or fearfull.  This is so very important. We want to make sure you take home a puppy that is the best fit for you, your family and the purpose the dog will serve. We want our dogs to have a happy home and making sure that you are happy with your dog is the best way. We work with and socialize our puppies from the first few days getting them used to stimulie and continue till they leave here.       THE MOST IMPORTANT SOCIALIZATION HAPPENS AT THE BREEDERS!!! -         Be carefull and make sure your breeder socializes the puppies.     They are raised in our home and used to all the noises of a busy housold . They are exposed to different people and situations. Played with and monitored constantly .  You may be looking for a pet, working dog, service, protection etc. Each have different requirements.     WE ONLY BREED DOGS THAT EXCELL ON THESE TEST SO THAT WE ALSO PRODUCE DOGS THAT EXCELL.          Carefull with breeders of show dogs, some are good and some only care about looks. This has led them to ignore hereditary behavior flaws and breed dogs that are not good condidates for pets and service animals

     We keep puppies till 8 weeks old, If you need boarding past 8 weeks it is $75 per week max of two weeks. 

        SHIPPING:   We do ship but prefer pickup in person.  Shipping cost are in addition to purchase price.  

Services Three

 Tails and dew claws will be docked. If you want ear cropping make arrangements for that to be done after pickup  It is best to pick out your puppy close to 7 weeks after temperment and drive testing completed to determine best puppy for you so ear cropping has to be done after pickup.   All puppies come freshly groomed with a bath, brush out, nail clipping, sanitary trim. I will give them their first hair cut unless you do not want that. This helps to keep your puppy from getting too shagging because you will not be able to take them to a groomer untill all vacinations are complete. A paper from our Vet stating health check, vaccination, deworming. Will be given a monthly heart worm prevention and a monthly flea and tick prevention.  AKC  registration,universal  microchiped, and plush blanket and stuffed toy with moms sent on it, a collar  and a chew toy and go home bag.                                                        



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